With more than 2 million accessions of crop plants and their wild relatives, preserved by about 400 European institutes, the European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources (EURISCO) is a cornerstone of Europe's plant genetic resources (PGR) information system.

EURISCO includes both passport and some phenotypic data, though the latter is often non-standardized. It lacks domains like images and genetic data, which are becoming increasingly important. Diverse platforms host genebank and project information, complicating interoperability.

Deliverable D1.1 – Standards for collecting and displaying phenotypic data and images – summarizes the main standards for metadata, ontologies and data exchange adopted in phenotypic and image data collection and dissemination. In addition, it proposes a series of recommendations to integrate phenotyping and image data in EURISCO, such as:

  • Studying in detail the MIAPPE checklist to select the most suitable descriptors to be implemented in EURISCO
  • Creating working groups specialized in different broad crop groups to study, complete and propose ontology-based names for the most relevant traits that will be included in EURISCO, especially for the species less economically important
  • Discussing with a group of experts in informatics the best way (ISA-tab, Brapi, JSON) to exchange (meta)data between EURISCO and other systems

Deliverable D1.1 was led by UPV, in collaboration with CREA, CNR, INIAV, IPK, NASC, IPGR, NORDGEN

For more information, download the Deliverable report.