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1st International Workshop and Training School on the Sustainable Management of Plant Genetic Resources (3-6 October 2023)

The 1st International Workshop on the Sustainable Management of Plant Genetic Resources was held in Chania, Greece, hosted at the MAICh Conference Center. It gathered 62 participants from 20 countries, mainly European, with 225 online participants joining from all over the world.

The Workshop featured talks by plant genetic resource (PGR) managers and research leaders from the public and private sectors on PGR information systems, ex situ and in situ PGR management, PGR access and benefit sharing, technologies and scientific services for PGR management, as well as PGR evaluation and valorization. The participants also had a chance to hear from representatives of the existing EMPHASIS, DISSCO, ELIXIR and METROFOOD European Research Infrastructures. They shared valuable insights on the establishment, timing and process of a European research infrastructure.



Media Coverage


News report by Cretan TV Nea Tileorasi on PRO-GRACE 1st International Workshop

On 3 October 2023, the Cretan TV Nea Tileorasi reported on the PRO-GRACE 1st International Workshop and Training School on the Sustainable Management of Plant Genetic Resources, held at MAICh, Crete, Greece. For more information about the Workshop, read here.

Public awareness activities

From classroom to conservation: Spanish students explore crop diversity and its importance through UPV initiative

Supported by the PRO-GRACE project, the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) is providing secondary school students in Spain a unique opportunity to delve into the world of crop diversity, conservation practices and the scientific methods used to ensure the preservation of plant genetic resources in genebanks.

In a series of workshops organized by the UPV genebank in the context of their ScienceLab initiative, over 200 students aged 15-17 have learned how seeds are a reservoir of genetic diversity, crucial for plant breeding, disaster recovery, and adaptation to climate change. READ MORE