Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is a life sciences university in The Netherlands. It sees as its mission ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. It does so by combining education with fundamental and applied research to support the government, trade and industry sector and civil society in facing their challenges. Within its plant sciences group, it houses the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN). CGN works on the conservation of, and access to plant genetic resources by managing its own plant germplasm collections and supporting other actors to conserve or use these resources. Another part of WUR’s plant sciences group is the Plant Breeding department which is involved in education, research and consultation in the field of plant breeding in the broadest sense.


WUR participates in PRO-GRACE with the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN) and with the Plant Breeding department.
The role of CGN is primarily focused on WP2 (Quality-certified ex situ and in situ management), trying to establish a blueprint for a genebank certification system. CGN strongly believes that genebanks will only be able to conserve genetic resources reliably, and share their tasks effectively, if the quality of these genebanks is guaranteed – if genebanks can rely on each other and society can rely on its genebanks. CGN hopes that its contribution to PRO-GRACE, as WP2 leader, will result in major steps towards quality improvement and assurance in genebanks.
The research team at the Plant Breeding department will be mainly involved in WP3 (Research Infrastructure technologies and scientific services) and participate in refining and demonstrating metabolomic methods and services for the identification of metabolites relevant to plant performance and food/feed quality, such as nutritional/antinutritional/toxic metabolites, with emphasis on antioxidants. 

Main Contacts

Theo van Hintum
Arnaud Bovy
Jos Molthoff
Yury Tikunov