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Founded in 1900, UOB is one of the leading research-based universities in the UK ‒ the breadth of research expertise is a distinctive characteristic. The last UK Research Excellence Framework in 2022 confirmed that 91% of the University‘s research had global reach, meaning it is recognized internationally in terms of its originality, significance and rigour. Birmingham is 90th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, cementing our position in the top 100 universities globally and placing us 6th out of the 24 UK Russell Group of research universities to feature in the ranking. The School of Biosciences is a leading teaching and research centre for plant genetic resources (PGR) conservation and sustainable use since the 1960s. Over 600 students from 150 countries were awarded the MSc in Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources (CUPGR), and over 250 students have been awarded PhDs for research in PGR conservation and plant breeding. 


Task leader:

  • D1.3: System for describing, managing and accessing in situ conserved populations and interfacing them with EURISCO
  • D2.3: Methods and minimum quality standards for in situ management of PGR, including CWR and WFP
  • D2.5: A blueprint for constructing national inventories of in situ resources.

Task partner:

  • D1.1: Standards for collecting and displaying phenotypic data and images
  • D1.2: Standards for collecting and displaying genetic data
  • D1.4: “Minimum Information About a Biological Collection” standard
  • D1.5: Inventory of PGR information not yet represented in EURISCO and unified strategy for the interfacing of different information systems with EURISCO
  • D2.4: A blueprint for a capacity-building programme for genebanks and in situ/on-farm conservation networks.


Photo: Beta macrocarpa Guss, a primary wild relative of and potential gene donor to cultivated beets namely of salt tolerant genes; it is Endangered (EN) at European level; here it is pictured at Quinta de Marim (Ria Formosa Natural Park, Portugal). Credit: Maria Cristina Duarte

Main Contacts

Nigel Maxted

Professor of Plant Genetic Conservation

Joana Brehm

Senior Research Fellow in Plant Genetic Conservation


Birmingham B15 2TT
United Kingdom