Università degli Studi di Torino

The University of Torino (UNITO) is a public University with more than 65,000 students, 4,000 academic and other staff, 4,000 post-graduate and post-doctoral students and 120 buildings in various parts of Torino and at key locations across the Piedmont Region. The University boasts 27 Departments covering virtually every field of knowledge and 3 of the top 11 research centres in the country. The University has been a key player in prestigious projects such as ‘The City of Health and Science’. The research activities within the PRO-GRACE project are carried out at the Department of Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Sciences (DISAFA). The mission of DISAFA is to perform basic and applied research, and to offer educational programmes at the undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral level, in the fields of plant- and animal-based primary production and transformation processes as well as on the interactions of these activities with the territory and the environment.


Within PRO-GRACE, UNITO will be co-leader of WP3 (Research Infrastructure technologies and scientific services) and will be responsible for deliverable D3.2 and D3.5. 
In particular, UNITO will help to generate and adopt harmonized standards for collecting and displaying plant genetic resources genetic data and metadata (D1.2). Furthermore, UNITO will be involved in the demonstration of DNA barcoding, reduced representation sequencing/resequencing and cytogenomic methods and services (D3.2: lead beneficiary), as well as in the demonstration of bioinformatic methods and services for kinship/population structure/pedigree determination, gap analyses, GWAS and QTL analyses (D3.5: lead beneficiary). Finally, UNITO will help in the identification of the scientific services, stakeholders, promoters, and utilizers of the proposed Research Infrastructure (D5.2) as well as in the making of the revised Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation, including communication activities (D6.2)

Main Contacts

Lorenzo Barchi
Ezio Portis