Rete Semi Rurali

Rete Semi Rurali (RSR) is the Italian Farmers’ Seeds Network. It was established in 2007 to strengthen and coordinate the activities of existing associations involved in issues related to seed systems and sustainable agriculture, and as of today consists of 32 members. The commitment of RSR consists in supporting farmers, both at technical and institutional levels, in the creation and dissemination of self-reliant and sustainable organic farming systems. RSR places seeds at the forefront of such commitment, promoting the idea that each soil needs its own seed and that 'alternative' agricultural models - such as organic or biodynamic farming – can work only if based on appropriate and specifically adapted varieties.  RSR has four areas of work: Community Seed Banks, Research Action, Community and Policies.


RSR will contribute to WP1 (Plant genetic resources inventory and information systems), WP2 (Quality-certified ex situ and in situ management), WP4 (Plant genetic resources evaluation and valorization), WP5 (Research Infrastructure concept, social and regulatory aspects, governance and financial plan) and WP6 (Communication, dissemination, exploitation and training) in all the activities dealing with on-farm management and conservation. In particular, RSR will focus its work on plant genetic resources strategies and policies, communication and dissemination. 

Main Contacts

Riccardo Bocci
Matteo Petitti

Piazza Brunelleschi 8
50018 Scandicci (FI)