Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has been a centre of botanic and mycologist research for almost 200 years. Today, we employ over 200 researchers and maintain active collaborations in over 100 countries, and maintain a herbarium comprising over 7 million specimens, the world’s largest fungarium, and the Millennium Seed Bank, the world’s most biodiverse in terms of the number of species maintained. Our Scientific Strategy is focused on the five priorities of ecosystem stewardship, understanding trait diversity and function, enabling the digital revolution, accelerating taxonomy, and enhancing the partnerships needed to have impact on policy and practice; all with a view to protecting biodiversity and utilizing it to improve human lives.


RBG Kew will contribute to PRO-GRACE as an associate partner. We will contribute to the development and implementation of data standards and databases and will collaborate in the application of the common practices that PRO-GRACE will develop in order to integrate diverse European genebanks into a single research infrastructure.

Main Contacts

Paul Kersey

Deputy Director of Science (Research)

John Dickie

Senior Research Leader, Seed & Laboratory-based Collections