National Centre for Biodiversity and Gene Conservation

The National Centre for Biodiversity and Gene Conservation functions as a central genebank, which is also the largest in Hungary. The vast amount of genebank items held here is remarkable on a European scale. Our main activity is collecting and professionally preserving genetic resources displaced from public cultivation. Our collection of field and vegetable crops includes tens of thousands of items. Our herb and spice repository comprises around 2,000 accessions. At our central site in Tápiószele, we maintain two orchards for landraces native to the Carpathian Basin. We believe that we can contribute to the improvement of the biodiversity of the Carpathian Basin cultural flora, the diversity of agriculture, and ultimately to a healthier environment and nutrition.


NBGK takes part in WP1 (Plant genetic resources inventory and information systems), WP2 (Quality-certified ex situ and in situ management) and WP6 (Communication, dissemination, exploitation and training) as follows:
•    Standards for collecting and displaying phenotypic data and images - WP1
•    System for describing, managing and accessing in situ conserved populations and interfacing them with EURISCO - WP1
•    Quality certification of genebank operations - WP2
•    Developing methods and standards for next-generation ex situ and in situ management - WP2
•    Developing methods and standards for conservation/sampling of heterogeneous/allogamous/clonal accessions - WP2
•    Developing methods and standards for safety duplication of accessions and minimization of viability loss - WP2
•    Dissemination - WP6

Main Contacts

Zoltán Áy

Head of Departement, Taxonomy, Biochemistry and Genetics

Attila Simon

Head of Departement, Genetic Resources

Borbala Baktay

Director General