Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS) is the leading research institute in the field of agriculture in Slovenia. It comprehensively deals with the issues of modern agriculture and is expanding its activities into the fields of environmental protection and ecology. It employs 260 workers, of which more than 90 are researchers. KIS is a public non-profit research institute that performs fundamental, applied and development research and specialist tasks in agriculture, publishes the results of scientific research work as well as professional and supervision work, performs tasks based on authorizations and accreditations and checks the quality of agricultural products and products used in agriculture. KIS performs activities in all areas of agricultural sciences from crop science, genetics and breeding to fruit science and viticulture, plant, soil and environmental protection, animal production, agricultural economics and others. KIS coordinates and implements many EU-funded projects from different programmes (HORIZON, H2020, Interreg CE, Interreg ADRION, Interreg Alpine Space, LIFE, COST, ERASMUS+ etc.).


The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS) will mainly contribute to WP2 (Quality-certified ex situ and in situ management) and WP4 (Plant genetic resources evaluation and valorization). In WP2, KIS will contribute to quality certification of genebank operations and to defining minimum quality standards for essential genebank operations. In WP4, KIS will be involved in the development of crop-specific methods, standards and protocols for crop evaluation incorporating also final users’ recommendations. KIS will also be involved in WP5 (Research Infrastructure concept, social and regulatory aspects, governance and financial plan) and WP6 (Communication, dissemination, exploitation and training). The KIS research and expert team have expertise in genebank management, PGR evaluation, plant breeding and quality control. For this, KIS has access to key facilities such as the Slovenian plant genebank and a genetic laboratory. KIS also has an experienced Project Management Office that helps with project and financial management as well as in dissemination and communication activities.

Main Contacts

Jelka Sustar Vozlic
Antoaneta G. Kuhar
Vladimir Meglic

Hacquetova 17, SI-1000
Ljubljana, Slovenia